Process automation SCADA solutions provides followings;

  • Easy management and monitoring of the process from the center,
  • Regular and reliable storage of process information,
  • Creating instant or retrospective trends and reports with the recorded data of the process,
  • Tracking prescriptions via SCADA,
  • Recording of alarms and conditions related to the process

Our company offers services written below in the field of Process automation:

  • Planning of the system that will be established
  • Parametrization of PLC/RTU and SCADA systems
  • FAT tests for PLC/RTU and SCADA systems and commissioning of the said system
  • Preperation, test and presentation of all kind of software required by the customer

Our company also offers preventive and protective service and maintenance for constituted Process automation systems. As part of these services;

  • Carrying out preventive and protective service and maintenance,
  • Periodically backing up all the information related with the system,
  • Preperation of reports to prevent probable faults,
  • In case of a fault, intervention remotely and locally to it as soon as possible,
  • Making necessary changes in SCADA and PLC/RTU systems in according to customers needs

are also provided to customers.